Turn Knowledge Into Sales – Discover Hidden Web-Profits
Your company's collective expertise and know-how is the most valuable assets, not the products or services you offer; products and services are simply tools to help you implement your skills. Your capacity to grow and prosper is dependent on your ability to effectively present your know-how with a variety of innovative, informative interesting, easy-to-understand and above all memorable ways. In order to entice, inform, and inspire people by giving them the tools to make the most from what you offer is where the potential for profit lies. How you present your expertise is how you'll be remembered. it's what determines the experience every customer gets when dealing with your company and that will either make or break you. The Web-Experience Factor There's a wealth of good information available on web design as well as information architecture as well as search engine optimization and even usability, but very few ดูหนัง articles on business websites address the user experience. Whatever attractive or user-friendly SEO optimized your site is your site is, it's not going to convert visitors into a potential customer if they're dissatisfied by the service you provide. By providing your expertise as well as your know-how in a style that oozes elegance, you're telling your customers that you are committed to helping them maximize the value that your product or service may bring - a value-added benefit your opponents will struggle to overcome. When so many items and services available on the market are generic, interchangeable or widely available brands, the only thing that can differentiate you from else is the knowledge and expertise you provide as a perk that adds value. The Paradox of Choice "The Paradox of Choice' is the name coined by Swarthmore College Professor, Barry Schwartz in his book of the same name. We all like choice, this is evident, and nobody wants to feel like they do not have a choice. If choices become overwhelming and overwhelming, the ability to make a decision becomes difficult. A plethora of choices can result in decreasing marginal value and can make it difficult to convert. When you browse a website with a huge selection of products similar to those that have the same function (cell phones cameras, computers, guitars, televisions, or almost anything else) each one with a variety of features and options which appear to be interchangeable, yet simultaneously incompatible and causing confusion and a lack of buying power. That's where your expertise and experience come into play. If you purchase a video or audio presentation that explains who would benefit from each product and the reasons why a particular product is better for some customer than another You aren't just delivering a sales pitch in the sense that you provide an opportunity to help your customer determine what's best for him or her. It will result in a more happy and more satisfied customer. More importantly in helping your client decide what is the best choice for them, you're building a relationship with your customer. When it comes time for the need to upgrade or replace, or an add-on, you'll be the company to call, and not your competitor who provides nothing more than one online market. How to Monetarize Knowledge Based in the specifics of your company, you can promote your expertise directly through the sale of online audio-casts, DVDs and videos, and white papers. As an alternative, you can use your knowledge as an indirect sales tool. When you offer professionally produced content for no cost and enhancing your brand's reputation, you can increase your visibility and draw attention to your business. For instance, we have over fifty pieces of content and dozens of videos on our website informing you on how to use video and audio on the Web to build brand awareness for websites and boost profits. A hybrid approach could be to make the video presentation for free however, they can be made into a profit by incorporating advertisements from sponsors at the beginning or end or by distributing them through one of the ever-growing number of video directories or distribution companies that include an advertisement message on your video content and charge an amount for it. How to Transform the Content of Advertising The notion of turning advertisements into content can leave some with a bad taste. Television commercials are distinct forms of advertising that differs from programs you are watching, and display ads in magazines and newspapers are separate from the editorial. However, now you can enjoy films where advertising is now a major factor in revenue generation and funding for the filmmakers. Are you watching a film meant to entertain, or are you watching a two-hour ad to promote the latest technology in cars computers, computers, or sports drink? We wonder if the most recent blockbuster is merely a fifty million dollar ad for the Christmas shopping season? The merging of content and advertising is already happening; it's just a case of doing it in a professional manner and creatively, making it enjoyable to watch. It's the case that Apple iPod commercials are basically sponsored music videos and are more engaging and memorable than many hour-long shows, and they do it without any selling pitch.  

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