Blogging Topics – News Content Vs Timeless Content
When you are starting your blog for the first time it is important to know what kind of content you'll be creating to meet your goals for traffic. This article is to examine the two main types of blog content: news content and. classic content. What exactly is News Content? News articles outline the current developments and their consequences. For example, if , for instance, you would write about the launch of Google Buzz and the problems that it caused with respect to privacy settings, this kind of material could be considered news since it's dependent on time. What exactly is Timeless Content? Timeless content is often called "Q&A content". This type of content usually is the answer to a specific question. For instance, if you write about the use of AJAX to create the development of an RIA website, or write about the best way to open the restaurant of your dreams These types of articles can be classified as this kind of content due to them being responses to queries that are independent of time. News content is different from. Timeless Content The primary distinction between timeless and news content is the distribution of traffic. If you write news-related blog posts, you'll experience massive increases in traffic after the article is published, but you'll see a significant drop in traffic in the next few days later or after the publication. After about a week it is likely that the traffic for that specific blog post will be close to zero. Timeless content, on TCL NEWS other hand, generally receives little or no traffic when it's initially released and then increases in the passing of time. Because this kind of content can be used for a long time it is likely that people will come across and bookmark your content, which results in an increase in traffic. Which kind of content is the best? Based on the goals you have You'll need to develop news-related content if you're in need of an increase in traffic, and you'll have to develop timeless content in order to increase the amount of traffic you can expect to see in the future which acts as an investment. According to my experience, websites that concentrate on content that is timeless are more likely to succeed over the long term because it's much easier to keep your audience. For instance, if you run a news site that you update with up to five articles a day throughout the year, creating an enormous amount of traffic, and then you stop blogging for one month, your traffic will drop. On the other hand, if you own a long-running content blog, and you write up to five articles per day throughout the year, producing a significant amount of traffic, and then you stop blogging for a month the website's traffic is likely to increase (just in a lower pace that if you continued to blog). When WebKrunk was launched couple of years ago, the plan was to start with news-related content in order to increase my traffic. When WebKrunk was able to get its foot on the ground and I was able to write longer, timeless content pieces (like the one below) to build future traffic. As of now, I've numerous articles that increase traffic each day, which results in an overall increase in traffic that is exponential.  

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