You’ve Got To Stop Living In The Place Of Fear And Doubt
Be Careful About What You Pay Attention To Fear and doubt are like intruders who appear for the night only to overstay their welcome. They're not able to offer anything other than distorted realities. We are afraid of what we aren't able to comprehend and become doubtful of our own beliefs. This robs us of the beauty of the present moment because we fall into a false reality. Did you experience something like this, where fear and doubt led you to believe that something isn't the case? You shouldn't be wrong succumbing to this scenario because they are the two that pull us down into a pit of despair. But it shouldn't be this waybecause we can choose to see things differently. For example, when the Coronavirus pandemic began it was a time of fear and negativity perpetuated through the media mainstream. They monopolize our attention by presenting fragments of the real story. I immediately turned my attention to health professionals like infectious disease experts, epidemiologists, virologists and expert health specialists in senior positions. As time went on, I was reassured that what was being reported by the media was not reality but a lie to sell a story. This isn't to suggest that this virus is something we should ignore, but it is important to be aware of what we are giving our attention to because it could not be in those in our greatest interest. For more detail please visit:- Take a look at the areas of your life where fear and doubt have established a foothold? Perhaps it's relationships, finances, your career, your dreams and highest goals? Should I request you record the stories that fear and doubt create, what would you write? Do you think it's lack of choice? Self-worth or self-esteem? It is important to know what we're up against to manage it efficiently. To defeat doubt and fear it is essential to understand how they operate in our life. They are trying to undermine us, as if viruses that weave their ways through our thoughts. Either way, we must confront our limiting beliefs and analyze them for what they are; an unrealistic plan to sabotage our own progress. We've Got to Do Our Best To Live Our Dreams In the end, doubt and fear provide nothing , other only to rob us of happiness and joy. Conversely, confidence and encouragement are allies who work to help us achieve our objectives. It is important to plant those seeds into our mind and remove doubt and fear from our thoughts. Fear is the enemy of confidence as it seeks to create a negative future. But, confidence is able to move towards tomorrow with conviction to achieve excellence. That doesn't mean we should eradicate fear from our lives however, we should acknowledge it as it is. As the self-help author Susan Jeffers once wrote: Take the Fear and Do It However. That is, we walk towards our fears and adopt courageous action regardless. When we conquer anxiety, we put aside our doubts and put to the saboteurs of tomorrow. Fear and doubt will try to steal our best laid plans. However, it's not enough to just ignore them. we must face them directly and alter the story they promote. Look at this in your personal life. What have you overcome in recent times that fear and doubt tried to convince you? Perhaps it was entering in a new relationship, launching your own business, or ending your lucrative job? The fear and doubt that we face can be a present from those who we love. Friends and family members will try to make us feel that we shouldn't change career paths or to be involved with that person as they're not good for us. It's like asking people who have never been to where you're going for directions. It's easy to assume that because they're more experienced, they'll have the answers, but they might not hold the ones to answer your questions. You must be skeptical and try it out for yourself, to see if it will work for you. It's wiser to make a hundred errors on your own, than live inauthentically based on opinions of others. It is our responsibility to stand ourselves to be the person we want to be and take them seriously regardless of what others believe. It requires moving through the doubts and fears that accompany us in this life journey. As we get to our ultimate destination we'll have beaten these abysmal obstacles with the hard work and perseverance. This being said, I'd like you to to review areas of your daily life where fear and uncertainty have infiltrated. What message are they trying to convince you of? Are they really telling the truth? Are you sure the fear and doubt are real? What do you want for your life? Make two columns as you look into your fears and doubts on one hand and your vision and purpose in the second. After you've explored each area take a moment to reflect on your feelings and take note of which one you're leaning towards? Do you desire to be an 80-year-old who was allowed their fears and doubts to overcome them, or do you want to be an 80-year-old who's lived the most satisfying possible version of themselves? Either way, you get to determine the storyline of you and your family, which is why make it a remarkable one!

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