The Blog As a Marketing Tool
The concept of the blog began in the late 90s. At the time, the blog was primarily used to commenting on a specific Web pages, which gave the possibility of republishing these opinions and remarks of the readers and visitors of this site. What started as a simple phrase or comment has become widely-held opinions that cause controversy on all topics that you can think of. The blog has been a potential online advertising and Google and other SEO-related search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing for example.) depend heavily on the content of the keywords they've got. Here are five main reasons to use the blog as a very powerful marketing tool on Internet. 1. The blog is simple. The most simple way to secure your own space on the Internet is to create a blog. It does not require special abilities to put it up in the air... anybody who is able to comprehend the use of a computer or computer, can create a blog. Blogs are like having an electronic journal in which you write your own thoughts about the subject, your experiences on using a specific software, program or purchasing a product. The Blog is an attractive source of information, especially in the same way that you express your experiences and opinions, it can begin to establish a culture of trust. This is why your readers and viewers begin to explore the same items and programs you've previously bought or used thanks to the opinions you have left in your blog post about the items. If you own the ability to connect to a computer or a computer with Internet access (who don't today? ), You can start promoting anything through your Blog. Visit:- 2. The Blog is authentic and has original content. In a world where the internet is awash with advertisements and we have to question the credibility of such promotions. It is too much advertising we see today on the Internet that we do not know if are the actual products, programs or methods that are presented are actually what they seem. In blogs, however that are written by real people with their faces, they talk about real life experiences or express their opinions on the good or not so good aspects of a product or program without the need to use paid ads. Read blogs about first-hand use of any service or product is similar to talking face-to-face with someone who's already proven what I'm looking for... determined and based on experience in a large proportion, my final decision regarding the purchase or rejection of the item or service. Do you really want to purchase something that has already been tested and tried by other customers. 3. The blog is totally free. It is not necessary to cost any money. If you intend to ride your blog's platform, the Blogger (free blogging platform by Google) would not work if you want a professional blog. Blogger, I'd say is to share information with your family and friends and that has nothing to be related to the establishment of a professional Internet business. If however is to set up a professional web-based business my suggestion is to utilize your WordPress platform. WordPress itself costs nothing but we have to first acquire a personal domain and hosting or hosting service (which is quite accessible) that allows you to upload unlimited content to make sure you can run your online business. For more information on how to acquire your domain, and to obtain hosting, I would suggest you sign up to my blog... by signing up you can acquire free information about how you can get this domain, hosting and create a blog on WordPress. 4. The blog builds credibility and forging a bond of trust between your visitors or readers. As you add items like experiences gained through buying a certain product or service as well as high quality information to the blog visitors will refer to your blog and are looking forward to your next article to satisfy their information needs and make them feel more satisfied. This is how you will become an expert in your field through the fact that the number of people who visit your blog and more bloggers connect to Your Blog. If your blog comes to have a significant number of daily visits and many companies and professional organisations notice the increasing number of visitors and readers you have, would most likely reach out to you in order to set up advertising in my blog (something which will profit you financially) or to become an direct affiliate for its products. You will earn you a fee each time you sell a particular product or service referred to those businesses and generated by your blog. 5. The Blog builds your market. If you're not an Hollywood star, it is likely that your family will be the only ones to are the only ones who read your posts. The good thing is that your family has many acquaintances, and they'll inform them about the quality of your blog. But , don't fret and don't depend on your friends from your family or even your own to increase the number people who subscribe to your blog. Take a look at the following options which will help you be successful in building your brand via your blog: * Using your email. Every time you send an email (whatever the content of the message) to your contacts list and acquaintances, don't forget to add your link on your website or blog in the signature of the email. I guarantee you, because of curiosity, a lot of people will visit to see what's on your blog. Do not spam, in the event that you already have a many contacts whom you write frequently however, don't send emails to people who aren't included in your list. If you do, you'll lose credibility and your business could be affected. By incorporating a subscription form on your blog. An easy way to get messages from visitors is to offer them the option to subscribe for your site. Book exclusive information for your readers to convince your customers to subscribe to your blog and leave your name and email address. Use your best judgment when using of email addresses, making sure that information will never provide junk mail to keep their inboxes with spam. Only send information that has value and valuable content. * By using feedback information. Ask your subscribers if information provided has been useful to them, they give an email expressing their thoughts on the exclusive information you have sent them. Better yet, ask them to record the same thing with a short video, leaving a an affirmative testimony about what has been useful to them such information. In this way, you will gain trust and credibility with your readers. They are also given the chance to make themselves famous through your blog. It's a win for all.  

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