How To Build Self Esteem And Live A Life
Before we begin to consider ways to increase self-esteem, take a moment to consider what we refer to as self-esteem and be clear about the difference between self-esteem and self-confidence. Self confidence is based on your ability. Your self confidence is the result of the level of trust you have and faith in your ability [your powerand abilities] as well as your potential. Self confidence is the amount you think you can do. Self confidence is the mastery of self. the things you know that you are able to achieve. Self esteem is dependent on worth. So self-esteem is linked to self worth and self respect. Your self-esteem is built by how you value and respect yourself. Self esteem = Who you think you are. Self-esteem is a mastery. who you think you are How to Build Self-Esteem. My Experiences In my early life and even into my early twenties, I was plagued by a deep inferiority anxiety and low self-esteem. Forty-years later and speaking with sincerity and confidence, I've got a very healthy positive sense of self-esteem. In fact until I came to write this post, self-esteem was not at the forefront of my mind for quite some time. Why? Because it's not an issue for me anymore. For more detail please visit:- This is typically the case, people with positive, healthy feelings of self-esteem, don't contemplate it. On the other hand, those who think about it and read articles that attempt to address concerns like "How to build self esteem?" problem tend to have low self-esteem. "OK well very good for you!" I hear you shout, "... so what's the secret? What did you learn over those forty years that makes you so smug?" First of all, there was not a sudden "come to Jesus moment" or a dramatic transformation as the time Joliet was in The Blues Brothers saw the light. It is a slow process that took place over time, and then progressively. I realised very early on that the bed rock base of building self-esteem is based on values on these themes: How To Develop Self-Esteem If I don't take care of me then who else will! I realized that others judged me for my self worth. When I first delved into this whole thing, when I was around 19, and in college I quickly realized that my feeling of inequity and poor self-esteem was reflected back to me in the way others treated me. I felt like I was a failure - therefore people treated me as inferior. But as soon as I made small improvements to the way I perceived myself, I noticed how people responded to me more positively. How did I do this? It's cliched however I was able to make it. I conducted an informal inventory of myself to see what, if anything, people liked about me and react positively to. I also noticed a few small glimpses of what I thought I could expand on. The trick is to fake it in order to create it I was so unsure or confidence in myself that i created an individual, a new identity , which I then acted out and named Isaac as that was the nickname I chose for myself. This seemed to get an enthusiastic response, which is why I decided to stand for election to the Students Union as Treasurer and ran for office as Isaac. The persona Isaac had a loud personality, bold, funny and self confident and it worked since Isaac got himself elected as Treasurer. It was fun and interesting to act out this role but I was still desperately not confident and felt I was lacking self-worth. Transformation After achieving this initial success, I was then responsible for organizing all rock events at the college , as well as hiring the bands and the staff who operated the bars. This placed me in a very prominent role and I had an incredible experience and a great social life. What what a transformation! I had the time of the rest of my days as Isaac. However, my inner "real me", Stephen was still lacking confidence, but I found a way forward and something I could build on. The next problem was to figure out how to get rid of Isaac and for Stephen to be an ego-driven, socially successful man... however, that's not the subject of this story and a story for another day. How To Build Self Esteem [2] If I knew how much others were thinking about me, I'd never even care about the thoughts of other people about me! Like many people, I was very concerned about what people would think of me. It came as a great satisfaction when I discovered that no one is thinking about what everyone else is doing. Why? We are all from being occupied with our thoughts about ourselves!

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