Website Vs Blog
The first-time user of the internet is usually confused by the idea of blogs and websites. What's the difference? Which one should I choose or begin with? What are the advantages of a site and of a blog? Answers to all of these questions are in the article below. What's a website? A website is an interlinked web page on a domain using the typical HTML, php and others.. What exactly is a blog? A blog can also be one of the websites, but it uses a Content Management System (CMS) similar to WordPress. Benefits, Advantages/Differences of a Blog over a Website A website is typically very official with an easy to understand business approach. A blog on however is more like an online diary, but it's. Blogs are written regularly by bloggers about a particular topic, and visitors are welcome to contribute their ideas on each subject article he writes. Here people can speak friendly and less formal. This helps to build strong bonds. A blog and a website can be used in a variety of ways. It's not a matter of which is more effective, however which one is more appropriate for your reason online. It's what you are trying to achieve that should determine which to start with. Both work hand in hand. Visit:-   Below are some advantages/differences of a blog compared to a website. Blogs aren't expensive to set up Due to the fact that every finger is not the same The primary benefit of a blog over web-based sites is that it is cheap to create. With $20 (max.) you can host a WordPress blog. However, it's quite different for a website. And if you can not spend $20 on hosting and a domain, you can of course begin by using a free web hosting service even though it's not the best, however, you can start with it without spending any money. It is possible to get a great free hosting service from blogger, owned by Google. Using blogger you could even tie your blog to Google AdSense account. So, you'll receive your hosting for free , and you can also earn money. It's cool, right? I also thought so, but I realized that this isn't the best way to approach seriously blogger (professional). Blogs are inexpensive to run and maintain. As a blog does not in all cases require you being a professional, nearly everyone can create and manage the blog, but for the creation of a website, you'll need HTML and website design skill. The ease of making blogs has resulted in the over 130 million blogs online today and the number increases every day, as thousands of people who could never have the money to purchase a website are choosing blogs, and in some cases making money off of it. Blogs are simple to modify To publish a blog post on your blog, all you have to do is log in to the Dashboard of the Blog, write your post, then click publish and in minutes your post will be visible for anyone online who visits the blog site to browse. For static websites, to upload your article, you first need to open your editor FrontPage, Dreamweaver e.t.c. write your article, update the page's properties before you can upload your page using FTP software. Based on the strategies you applied, it could take months before your site is found by Google. Blogs let you write text, audio and video. It is possible to have it online in a matter of minutes, but this isn't the case for websites. You'll need to invest some money every time you need to make an update to your site if you do not have the expertise for managing an static site. Blogs is organized by itself Blogs automatically categorizes their content by date and category. Additionally, since blogs are built-in to search engine, users and engine spiders are able to run an online search of your blog and find the information they are searching for. For static websites, you must organize the pages. Blogs may be Ping Blogs could be "pinged" so that Google is alerted every time you update your blog with new content and go to your blog so that it can index it. Although this feature is available on static websites but you will spend more time than you need to have an SEO-focused blog. Optimization (SEO) and have the website show up in search results. SEO loves blogs! Search Engines love blogs because of the regular content , since that's the type of content that people search online . Search engines could not make a lot of money if people don't have fresh, regular contents to browse through. And so blogs tend to be easily indexed and within a shorter the same amount of time as static websites. The search engines can also place blogs higher on search results over static websites due to it's fresh content. A static website may contain certain articles, but they're mostly designed to promote products or services.And may not be updated for several months. The majority of web designers focus on the appearance of their website rather than the content in their websites and optimizing Search Engine Optimization to get the most traffic.

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