Halo 4 Forerunner Walkthrough
"Forerunner" is the initial mission of Halo 4 where you will meet Prometheans which is a new faction of enemies that is new in this part of the Halo franchise. Apart from brand new foes, there's also new Promethean weapons that you will be confronted with during this mission. Most likely, you will use the light rifle, which is a 3-shot-burst headshot weapon, similar to an UNSC battle rifle. You will need to use the light rifle as your headshot weapon throughout the course of this mission. The Prometheans don't use covenant weapons, so they will not be able to use a plasma pistol when fighting them. This means that when fighting Promethean knights (the equivalent to elites in the Promethean world) it is necessary to use different tactics to remove their shields. For the majority of the mission, you will use the Promethean suppressor. It is an assault rifle that is fast-firing which can do a lot of damage when close. Use a combination of your auto-sentry (an armor capability) along with grenades, suppressor fire in order to kill the Promethean knights. It is crucial to fight them all on your own, therefore ensure that you kill all creepers or observers (the Promethean's light infantry) in the area before you confront the knights. The mission begins within a teleporter forerunner hub that is equipped with an assault weapon and a magnum as well as the hard light shield. The hardlight shield is a almost useless armor capability and should be replaced with one of the auto sentries that are located on the walls either to either side of you. The auto sentry armor ability allows you to create a stationary, hovering turret which fires at your foes. Your enemies are likely to fire towards the automatic sentry, instead of at you, so it provides you with a great distraction. It also causes a good amount of damage, and it helps you kill knights in battle with your suppressor. When you've launched the auto sentry press the bumper for a second time to recall it. Visit:- https://darioitem.info/ Go into the main area of the teleporter hub, and plug Cortana inside the centralframe. Cortana will create a teleporter to the first relay tower, which you'll have to deactivate in order to contact the UNSC Infinity. Through the vortex, and you will teleport into a cave a little way from the original relay tower. If you continue ahead, you'll encounter the first enemies from Prometheus: crawlers. Crawlers have a lot in common with grunts. They can be killed by a single headshot and they wield the weakest weapons. It is important to note that crawlers have heads that are smaller than grunts, so you must be careful when aiming. Use your magnum to kill these crawlers with headshots using the corner of your path to an area of cover. If the crawlers begin to overwhelm you, activate your auto sentry and it will drive them back. Follow the trail until you turn into an expansive open space. Here, you will find six crawlers, a watcher and the knight. Make use of the place that you just walked around to cover , and kill the crawlers first using your magnum. If you remain behind, the knight won't approach you. Now, turn your focus to the watcher. Watchers are infantry soldiers capable of defending against enemy troops, revived knights getting grenades out, and even spawning crawlers. Watchers do not have heads, so they are usually killed them with multiple body shots from any head-shot gun. In this situation your magnum may not be sufficient to kill the person watching, therefore, get close enough to eliminate it using your assault rifle instead. If necessary, launch your auto-sentry so that you draw your knight's fire while you engage the person you are watching. Now that the knight has gone, you can focus your focus on his. Knights are similar to the covenant elites, however they come with stronger shields as well as smaller heads. This knight is equipped with lighter rifles, which gives him high accuracy however, it is not as damaging. Therefore, make sure you get as close as possible so that he can't benefit from his precision advantage. Then, you can fire your auto-sentry so that it is straight shot at him then stand up and shoot your assault rifle in order to take him out. After the shields of his are destroyed, continue to shoot him using your rifle till he passes away. The Prometheans possess more shields than health, and when you see their shields break then you'll know that they're nearly dead. Switch your magnum to his light rifle, take his pulse grenades, then switch your assault rifle in exchange for one of the crawler's suppressors. Enter the forerunner's room up ahead. If you go through the hallway, you should see two crates along the left side of the wall, with suppressors that you can use to restock ammo. As you walk out of the door, a knight armed with suppressors will come after you. The suppressor can deal more damage per second than the lighter rifle, therefore you'll need to be extra cautious when fighting this knight. Be sure to stay inside the room for the forerunner and fire your auto sentry once the knight comes within of range. Use the doorway as cover and walk out to shoot at him. Utilize your light rifle when he is far away and make use of your suppressor once he gets up close. If you notice the knight stop throwing a pulse grenade towards you then immediately throw a pulse grenade at his feet. Since knights can't move while throwing grenades, you will be hit directly from the blast. After his shields have broken then either charge them up and end him with your suppressor, or remain and take him down with a quick headshot if your shields are low. No matter what you do, do not let the knight get away when his shields are weakened because his shields will regenerate very quickly. The task of killing knights using headshots is far more difficult than killing other enemies with headshots. Knights not only have the most small heads of all infantrymen within Halo 4, they also have face gear that protects their head. Though they might remove their face gear in the natural way but you must usually shoot them once in the face gear after removing their shields to force them to retract it. Then, you can kill them by firing a headshot. 3-shot burst guns, such as the light rifle or battle rifle are able to destroy a knight who is not shielded with only one trigger pull, because the first bullet removes their face gear and the second bullet kills them. Follow the path to the left and you'll encounter more crawlers and a knight with an assault rifle. Then, you can activate your auto sentry and draw the knight's gun, take out the crawlers using light rifle headshots from the cover of the rocks before killing the knight using the suppressor. It is important to note that each knight drops two pulse grenades each time they pass away, so you are free to use plenty of pulse grenades while fighting Prometheans. If you're in a difficult situation, you can throw a pulse grenade at the knight or group of crawlers to trigger them to dive away to give you plenty of time to get back to your cover. Continue along the path and you'll reach an area with a number of crawlers scurrying around the walls. These crawlers will begin to jump at you when they see your presence. You can kill them all at a distance with your light rifle. Then, run onto the platform and walk up the ramp the right, where you'll find a Promethean Crate that contains light rifle ammo. Bring the ammo back up and walk to the far side of the platform, where there is a gap within the wall. This hole gives you the ideal sniping position above the enemies below, where you should see more crawlers, watchers, and a Promethean battlewagon. Battlewagons are the highest ranking version of knights and they are equipped with stronger shields as well as a scattershot. This is the promethean version of the UNSC shotgun. It can kill you with a single shot in close proximity. Therefore, you should engage battlewagons at a distance as often as you can. Utilize your elevated perch as cover and kill the crawlers below using small rifle headshots. Go behind the wall to your left for cover in case you have to. You can kill the watcher using 3 to 5 body shots fired by an assault rifle with a light. Note that the light rifle deals more damage when it is zoomed in, so make certain to use your scope when fighting the watchers. As soon as a watcher starts glowing red, it takes only one more shot to eliminate it. You can now focus your attention on the battlewagon Promethean. Because he is equipped with scatter shots it is necessary to confront him from afar. If you remain at your position you will be able to see him coming up behind you and shoot you. So, it is best to jump down the cliff with the battlewagon. Then, you should sprint through the cave following the right side of the wall, and climb up the dirt ramp to the top of the rock ahead. The battlewagon should not be following you, so you can pick him up from a distance. Set off your auto-sentry and then attack him with either a suppressor, as well as light firearm fire, until you kill him. When the battlewagon ceases to throw a pulse grenade then throw a pulse grenade at his feet to kill him even faster.

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