How to Get 1 Million Hits on Your Blog
Making your blog more popular isn't easy however, if you do it right, it's satisfying and rewarding to see people frequently pass through and come to your blog. Here are some suggestions to increase your traffic and I believe there's no reason to think you can't be one of the top bloggers in the world. 1. Blog Topic The subject matter that you blog about is really crucial. If you are looking for a lot of visitors, you must think about where you intend to get people who will read your blog. If you're posting about cracks that have appeared in your walls, you have to know where you can find those who want reading about them! Otherwise , you're likely to be a failure. 2. Search Engine Friendliness You should be flirting with Google as a beautiful woman at the dance. We hope to have a steady readership, finding your blog on authoritative sites is where a lot people who read your blog will be coming from. Google can be described as the Internet and you only need to acknowledge it. It's everyone's Political blogger's dream to be on top when people type into "Politics Blog" into Google. If someone searches for "Random political blog from some unknown wannabe in the North East of England" I would like my blog to show up. If someone is looking for the content you write about, it's an excellent idea to invite them to your website. clever tricks to increase the search engine ranking is essential however, you have to be on the ball otherwise your blog's traffic will be impacted. In the right or wrong way, Google has that degree of influence that websites have to meet their requirements. For more detail please visit>>>  In order to do this, you must write your keywords in the article not more than 2percent of the words. The keywords I use for my blog are such as "Labour, Politics, Political blog" and the like. The following sentence is an example of a poor one. This post was created to assist bloggers in getting more hits'. It is best to modify the language a bit and make it more specific. Thus... "This post is designed to answer"How do I get my blog to rank higher in search engines? "How do I get hits to my blog?" Search engines are able to match the exact phrase to the search phrase and that will help you rank higher in search results. When people see that your blog post as being exactly the content they're looking for, they will read your blog post and it's magic! Be aware that Google is constantly changing their algorithm to determine the factors that affect their index of search engine rankings. According to all reports, and according to their own declaration they employ extremely complex combination of elements to determine relevance in web pages. My likely flawed attempt in simplifying the Google algorithm is that basically , the more hits you receive, you're more pertinent your webpages are. The more back links you have make Google believe that your site is an authority in the terms you're using. Google will then try to present the page as a solution to any query that you can match. It thinks your site will better meet the needs of the user. The result is that you get more hits. When you don't do anything more except include the primary keywords in the titles of your articles that are crucial as well as in the main body of your text then you're halfway there. Keep in mind that major corporations employ consultants from search engines to maximize this kind of thing, so do the best you can here. 3. Connect with other bloggers This is my first post on ranting. I've noticed that, on the whole, political bloggers don't link to me in a hurry. I picked a few hyperlinks on the right side that I actually read instead of simply spouting random links from all over. A lot of blogs I've read, particularly in the Political area have a lot of hyperlinks. Links to your blog is great, but it's often it is not noticed in the mass. However, it's an excellent idea to reach out to each blog and request a link. I have to say that some blogs I spoke to were great and connected directly to me. Around 20%. Also, just like sales it's an numbers game. It is advisable to solicit links likely once your site has been actively maintained for about 10 weeks or so. I hope that the new blogger, likely to have an overinflated sense of self-esteem since they are "established", will want to verify that you're an honest blog before linking. In fairness to the established blogs, a lot of blogs go away. It is important to prove that you're in it for the long-term. If they decide to revisit your blog it is likely that they will include a link to your blog on their site. Some bloggers may even include an occasional mention of your blog on their posts that encourage readers to click. Write a short blog post to thank them for this and this will strengthen the relationship in abstract terms and make your link friend more favorable towards you. I've noticed an overall lack of respect for others when it comes to discussing hyperlinks. Some people are extremely protective of their position when they link to another person, even though it is not a difference for their own blog. I begin by linking to everyone , but as time passes I eliminate links that do not respond to my emails, or have only the Industry list of links on their website. Bloggers who are new are encouraged to join and linking is free. Don't offer a link for sale unless there is a legitimate commercial motive for doing so. An email asking for an image with your display name and URL is enough. The reciprocal link offer will not aid you in the beginning. The majority of blogs you wish to link with are more well-established and will be aware that their link is more valuable to you and the reverse. It is better to say "I have already linked to you and would like you to consider linking to me if my blog fits your criteria". You are able to remove the link later in the event that you don't receive an acceptable response. If your blog becomes a cult and is deemed to be the one among "the" blogs to read within your field, then hyperlinks will be everywhere So don't be concerned whether bloggers like your blog at first. It is also possible that you are somewhat hesitant when you are contacted frequently by bloggers who want to establish themselves. 4. Blog Directories There are a myriad of blog directories you can include your website in and it is a great idea. I'm not sure the effectiveness of these directories, but you could certainly do better than putting your website's URL there since search engines will take note of the link. I'm always worried that every person adds their link, assuming that others will search for the directory site however, many simply add their link and move through with other activities. If you decide to post your link, the brute force method can help. Include your blog on Technorati, Bloggerama, and the most important thing is to add any niche-specific directories where your blog will receive a lot of attention. There is a chance to gain a lot of new readers through such a thing and usually the factor that gets your blog to the 100- 500 page views per day is a loud endorsement from an award website or a major authority blog. If it were that simple, to get every blog to have many visitors but they don't however, as I have said numerous times, with time, you will be noticed. 5. Write Interesting Posts Sorry to say that you have to be careful to create good and engaging posts that captivate readers. I like a mix of quick and short posts over longer, more thoughtful posts. Regarding frequency I believe that one daily post is sufficient and one post each three days. The readers will not be a problem posting even every week if the quality is satisfactory but having a regular readers who expect updates every day and then posting once a week, it can affect the quality of your blog. Choose a frequency of posts beginning on the first day based on what you are able to (be real) write , and then adhere to it. People visit your blog because they want to know the content you write about and you should not provide them with a reason not return. A lot of blogs begin with a bang, but then go to nothing, which annoys readers. If you wish to have their regular success, you need to take action. Do not begin your posts by saying "Sorry I have not posted for a while". Your date on your last post is enough, and it will signal to anyone who is new to your blog that it is likely you won't be coming back for a long time. A lot of blogs go by the wayside. A typical indicator of this is when posts begin with excuses. Blogs is something you love and if it turns into an obligation, then the purpose of it all is lost. If you don't feel that you can write as often as you would liketo, why not solicit the help of someone you know to help your blog become more successful. Some of the top blogs include more than one writer and three writers working throughout the week . This will result in regular updates.

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