101 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog
Traffic is essential for the success of each webmaster and blogger. It doesn't matter how great your content is, it needs to be read. And it is traffic which makes it possible. This article will list 101 ways that you can drive traffic to your blog. By driving traffic doesn't mean simply gaining more visitors. Before you start with your drive traffic campaign, ensure that you have determine your goals. For example, if you are building traffic for your consumer website, you need to consider demographics. Getting those visitors, who do not have the ability to purchase is a wasted time and resources. On blogs, if you are not receiving targeted traffic from search engines or other referral sites the conversion rate and CTR will be low. Let's begin by putting together my list of the top traffic-driven formulas that you can use for your site. 1. Write quality Posts: This is the first tip any person would offer to you. A Quality blog comes with high-quality information. Create well-researched and precise details. 2. Comment on blogs of other bloggers: Commenting helps in many ways. Free Backlinks are great for personal branding. Follow one thumb rule Make sure you only comment when you have some value to provide, or else, if are impressed by the content and want to show your appreciation instead of simply declaring "nice post" you should like or share that post. For more detail please visit>>> https://www.zimmetzimmet.com/ https://digitalgorkhaa.com/ https://www.revistabemestar.com.br/ 3. Guest blog post to other sites. : With the value of the article directory decreasing and increasing, it's a good suggestion to start guest blogging. By executing a smart guest posting campaign, you can build the best backlinks possible and boost your credibility. To get a high Moz rank, you need to build a strong backlink as well as in addition, to your internal pages as well as your just your homepage. 4. Optimize your blog for search engines. : Yes, I know SEO may be a bit scary, but trust me, it's not rocket science. It's like some good procedure that anyone should adhere to. Learn about SEO on the web and about how you can provide an appropriate structuring for SEO to your web site. My suggestion, spend 2 hours a day for learning SEO and by the end of the month you will be able to handle all of the SEO basics. 5. Participate in forums relevant to your field and include a link to your website within your email signature. 6. Make use of trackbacks- A trackback from copyblogger sent me over twenty unique visits. 7. Write List posts. : When I say write lists, it doesn't mean that you must create a list that is similar to "Top 10'' "Top 101", however, you must make sure your list is on the task and includes "Top" "Best of" instead of random apps or websites on your list. 8. Write your top 10 posts. : 9. Write 101 list posts such as this. 10. Write about how you can drive readers to your blog: Everyone wants traffic, so share your strategy that is working for you. Bloggers like other bloggers who reveal the secrets rather than hiding it from them. 11. Build your mailing list: Email marketing has existed from long and will stay present for many years. People don't like to miss Emails If you can create a targeted mailing list, you are actually making money for your business. 12. Write for tutorial sites - Like tutorialized.com Some of these sites will send you thousands of readers for each article. 13. Try to get featured in the media - this alone will allow you to receive a significant amount of traffic. 14. Write Link-bait posts. 15. Upload your blog to Technorati I was examining my stats last week and discovered that they're sending me an impressive amount of traffic (don't undervalue your traffic). 16. Join blogging community (like MMO Social Network and BlogEngage) 17. Join a secret blogger's club that retweets and share posts This alone will bring you plenty of visitors. 18. Blog Pinging: Always make sure to ping your blog post after writing blog posts with an application like Pingomatic (Ping O Matic) which allows certain sites to get covered which can lead to an inflow of blog traffic. 19. Blog submissions to blog carnivals. A good place to start is BlogCarnival.com. 20. Start a Contest - Who doesn't want free stuff? Start an online contest or giveaway and gain more real subscribers. You'll be amazed by the response which you usually get for contest. You can always start with two free domain giveaways.  

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