Google News – Just Another Article Announcer?
As Google has been fighting for making itself an internationally renowned news hub I've noticed that the information provided by Google News seems like nothing more than the news articles that we publish every day. Therefore, I'm asking: isn't it possible that Google News resembles an article directory? Google News World: Google News Canada: Google News UK: I am only mentioning this as a reason to submit my internet marketing content, I frequently think about whether they will be featured in Google News? Nine times out of 10 they will! Actually, they typically arrive within the first 48 hours of being indexed by other related websites. How do Google News select it's content? It appears to be that "news centers" and "press press release firms" associated with your area of expertise online are making money from these results. If you think about it isn't a press release supposed to be considered a type of news? Possibly... When you have a close look at the sites that provide the news content in Google news, you'll find that only a small couple of sites are providing all the results. There is a chance that Google's algorithm for news is still in its infancy stage and has lots of challenges to overcome. It could be in Google's interest to create experts from various fields to take news articles and submissions to ensure that they remain the news site within Google's realm. Google kingdom. Visit:- There is only a fraction of Results that Show: If you search within this GN section, you'll also see a tiny part of the actual results that show up. Just a tiny percentage of results appear in the GN search results , compared to similar results found in regular results of search on the main Google page. Only the sections to the left hand side provide actual, live news in real time. They include the most popular Stories | World Science and Technology | Sports, Entertainment and Health. These links give real-time results obtained from trusted news sources on the internet. Google News Alerts - Ezine anyone? If you consider it, you're providing Google the email addresses you provide in order to get articles related to the search phrase delivered to your inbox. So how do you distinguish this from other newsletter that you receive regularly? Do we anticipate receiving Google AdWords as news alerts? Are they considering providing large corporations with the possibility to promote their products within their alerts to email as only one time mailers! I don't think so. We are not seeing the Google we used to have and have come to appreciate (A search bar that produces amazing results). Since the Google's IPO and the team of developers at GG are beginning to put applications that are beginning to resemble what we call the fantastic Yahoo Portal. Do you think there will be any differences? Most likely not. One Fantastic Point Concerning Google News: They've given you the option of customizing your site to display whatever topics of news you'd like to see. Just look on the right side of the page for an option that says "Customize this page for New!". After clicking this link, a dropdown box displays all of the topics that you have included on your page. Click on the subject you want to modify or eliminate. The best part of all is that you have the option to select "Add an individual section" and look up the subject you want to display on your site.  

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